illusion insoluble # voice and tape # 9:00'

live-recording at the premiere may 2004, KGNM Musikfest, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany

raumfahrten II-IV # two voices and tape # 10:00'

premiered september 2006, concert "stimmhaft-stimmlos" hommage to Alfred Wolfsohn & Roy Hart, second voice: Ian Magilton (Roy Hart Theater Norway)

Ae & U # voice and 4-channel tape # 10:00'

premiered july 2005 as part of „singthings“, BrückenMusik XI, Deutzer Brücke, Cologne, Germany

rocket science rag # voice and electronics # 8:45'

duo &2: hans w. koch electronics, Bettina Wenzel voice

live-recording april 2007, ROD, CalArts, California, USA